Jarvee Review – The Best Mass Planner Alternative Of 2018

So Just What Is This Jarvee?

Jarvee is a social media scheduling and automation tool plus much much more. If you have a need for creating tons of content on multiple platforms but aren’t interested in logging in multiple times a day to upload then this is the solution for you.

Jarvee works on Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr. It’s a one-stop shop for managing and posting all of your content across these platforms and its efficiency goes beyond simply scheduling.

A Review of Jarvee – Multi-Platform Automation

It’s been proven that organic growth can be driven by automation. Each platform has their own specific protocols, but generally, the principle of reciprocity is in permanent effect on social media. People love to be noticed and Jarvee takes advantage of this to your advantage.

On Instagram, this means following, unfollowing and following back. Direct messages, auto-likes and comments are used. Like with Twitter hashtags are taken advantage of and all of this means you’re casting a greater (but more targeted) net within your niche. All of this while you focus on things offline.

With Facebook, Jarvee may find grounds within your niche, contact potential customers and constantly update the page in your stead with content. This program based activity will look like a normal person just using the platform, but an active page will always attract more people.

Similar specific tactics are used on each of the respective platforms. Imagine the time you’d spend constantly updating, uploading and engaging on just Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you have 1,000 followers on each.

Assuming the usual 10% consistently engage every upload that’s still 300 people. A good chunk of your day is going to that. Every. Single. Day. Jarvee says otherwise.


Jarvee automates a range of social media platforms


So What Does Jarvee Cost?

When compared to the cost of a professional social media team, Jarvee is almost free and if you only plan to test their services for 5 days it literally is. They’re offering a free 5-day trial at the moment. After that, you’d chose from one of three plans.

The Starter Plan – $19.95 per month for 10 social media accounts

The Professional Plan – $49.95 per month for 70 social media accounts

The Premium Plan $69.95 per month for 150 social media accounts

All accounts come with premium support.

For these prices you get the content scheduling, targeting options to help assist in finding exactly who you need to reach out to grab your goals and management of multiple accounts. This all results in account growth with minimal hands of operation from you. If you ever hit a snag the customer service is there.

P.S. There are more features like content importing via RSS and auto-hashtagging, but you should check the product out yourself to see them all. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Jarvee is downloadable software that runs on Windows


Is Jarvee a Scam? Is Jarvee Safe?

So, to answer my own question from the title : Definitely not a scam, it’s the best thing that ever happened to my social media work this year ! So I recommend it wholeheartedly.

But is it safeYes and no. If you set it up properly is should be very safe for your accounts, but set things too aggressively and well ….


The Wrap Up

Creating a start-up and getting it off the ground is difficult. Continuing to grow your business is more so. Doing all of that and finding the time to properly run the necessary social media to get the word out can be all consuming and nigh impossible without help.

Luckily there is a multitude of options to make you can stay at the helm of your business and your social media accounts remain a beacon for customers to find you.

  1. Abandon the concept of sleep and personal time – you can truthfully run your business, create content and engage your followers if you’re willing to accept that your personal life and 6-8 hours of rest are things of the past.

If you’re able to function and manage your time well maybe you’ll get everything running smoothly and eventually hire others to delegate your dozens of tasks to before you inevitably crash.

  1. Hire a team of professional social media managers and use your time to focus solely on your business and your personal life – for those with a budget that allows this, I’d definitely suggest going this route.

If your business already has a high-level investment be it from you or outside sources, put some into social media and focus your attention on the business itself and coordinating with your team to create content. You’ll be happier this way.

  1. Automation – everyone isn’t willing to give up every hour of their day or invest possible hundreds of dollars (US) per month into social media teams. These individuals are more or less left with choosing to let either their business or social media lag behind.

While the obvious choice is to get to your account later this isn’t always easy or even necessary. Automation enables you to more or less ‘set and forget’ your way to organic growth and engagement. You simply check it occasionally to gather data, schedule more content and learn how you can improve performance.

Number 3 is where Jarvee comes in.



Hopefully, you found this review helpful. When you give the product a shot let us know what you thought in the comments.


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